All pakoras are battered with delicately seasoned chick pea flour and then deep fried. 

Shrimp Pakora $10.00
Six plump shrimp 

Onion Pakora $7.00 V
Indian-style onion rings 

Chicken Pakora $8.00
Boneless breast pieces 

Vegetable Pakora $8.00 V
Variety of fresh vegetables 

Paneer Pakora $8.00
Mild, freshly made cheese 

Vegetable Grill $11.00 GF V
Marinated vegetables, skewered & cooked in the tandoor, served on a sizzler

Vegetable Samosas  $7.00 V
Two triangular pastries filled with potatoes, peas, cashews, raisins & spices

Meat Samosas  $8.00
Two triangular pastries filled with ground lamb, peas, cashews, raisins & spices

Vegetarian Mixed Platter  $10.00
Vegetable samosa, vegetable, onion & paneer pakoras

Non-Vegetarian Mixed Platter $12.00
Meat samosa, chicken pakora, chicken tikka & seekh kebab

Tandoori Prawns $15.00 GF
Three jumbo prawns marinated & cooked in the tandoor

Papadams  $3.00 GF V
Chips made from urad dal (lentil) flour — choose roasted or deep fried


Tomato Shorwa $7.00 GF 
Classic, fresh, lightly spiced tomato soup

Muglai Shorwa $7.00 GF 
Creamy lentil soup with chicken & rice

Indian Kachoomar Salad $8.00 GF V
Leaf lettuce, chick peas, red peppers, radish, cucumber, tomatoes, tossed with spices, black salt, fresh lemon juice & green chilies (optional)

Chef’s Specialties

Tandoori Salmon $25.00 GF
Tender marinated salmon served sizzling on a bed of fresh vegetables. Served with asparagus & a nan

Tandoori Lamb Chops $30.00 GF
Three succulent, French-cut lamb chops, lightly marinated & served sizzling with fresh vegetables. Choice of bread or rice

Tandoor Specialties

Tandoori Vegetable Grill $17.00 GF
Marinated fresh vegetables served sizzling — choice of bread or rice

Salmon Kebab $19.00 GF
Tender salmon, marinated in garlic, ginger, lemon & spices, served on a sizzler with onions & bell peppers

Tandoori Chicken Half $13.00 | Whole $22.00 GF
Marinated fresh vegetables served sizzling — choice of bread or rice

Chicken Tikka $16.00 GF
Boneless chicken breast marinated in yogurt & spices, served sizzling with onions & bell peppers

Seekh Kebab $16.00 GF
Spiced ground lamb, wrapped around skewers, served sizzling with onions & bell peppers

Boti Kebab $18.00 GF
Marinated lamb kebab, served sizzling with onions & bell peppers

Tandoori Prawns $27.00 GF
Six marinated jumbo prawns, roasted & served sizzling with onions & bell peppers

Tandoori Mixed Grill $25.00 GF
A sampling of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, a tandoori prawn, seekh kebab & boti kebab, served sizzling with onions & bell peppers

Shashlick $19.00 GF
Marinated boneless chicken & vegetable kebab, served on saffron pullao with curry sauce

Vegetarian Shashlick $15.00 GF
Fresh vegetables & paneer kebab, served on Basmati rice with curry sauce

Special Curry Dishes

Chicken Tikka Masala $17.00 GF
Chicken tikka in a special light sauce with onions & bell peppers

Butter Chicken $17.00 GF
Marinated chicken in a fresh, creamy tomato & butter sauce

Chicken Shahi Korma $17.00 GF
Chicken cooked in a mild cashew cream sauce with ginger & garlic

Shajahani Curry $16.00 GF
Traditional chicken curry simmered in a cashew nut sauce

Chicken Jhalfrazie $16.00 GF
Chicken sauteed with tomatoes, onions & bell peppers

Chooza Dilbahar $17.00 GF
Chicken cooked with fresh spinach & a hint of mint

Rogan Josh $18.00 GF
Traditional lamb curry cooked with fresh garlic, ginger & onions

Lamb Shahi Korma $18.00 GF
Lamb simmered in a mild cashew cream sauce with garlic & ginger

Sagg Gosht $18.00 GF
Lamb & spinach cooked with onions & garlic

Lamb Masala $18.00 GF
Lamb sauteed with tomatoes & onions

Shrimp Curry $18.00 GF
Shrimp simmered with garlic, ginger, lemon & coconut

Garlic Shrimp $19.00 GF
Shrimp simmered in a mild garlic cream sauce

Jumbo Prawn Masala $19.00 GF
Three tender jumbo prawns simmered in a light sauce of onions & tomatoes

Butter Salmon Curry $18.00 GF
Tandoori salmon simmering in a fresh, creamy tomato & butter sauce

Vegetarian Specialties

Paneer Tikka Masala $15.00 GF
Tandoori roasted paneer in a light sauce with onions & peppers

Paneer Makhani or Tofu Makhani $15.00 GF 
Paneer or tofu in a delicately seasoned, creamy tomato curry sauce

Sagg Paneer or Sagg Tofu $14.00 GF V
Paneer or tofu & fresh, chopped spinach with light spices

Palak Aloo $13.00 GF V
Potatoes & fresh, chopped spinach with light spices

Matar Paneer or Matar Tofu $13.00 GF
Paneer or tofu & peas with tomatoes in a light sauce

Aloo Matar $12.00 GF
Peas & potatoes in a light sauce

Sagg Mushroom $14.00 GF V
Fresh spinach & mushrooms, sauteed in a light sauce

Malai Kofta $15.00
Ground paneer & potatoes shaped into balls, in a cashew & onion sauce

Navaratana Curry or Navaratana Tofu Curry $15.00 GF 
Mixed fresh vegetables, paneer or tofu, & cashews in a tomato based curry

Baigan Bharta $14.00 GF V
Tandoori roasted eggplant, mashed & mixed with tomatoes, onions & peas

Aloo Jeera $11.00 GF V
Potatoes sauteed with onions & spices

Aloo Gobi $12.00 GF V
Cauliflower & potatoes sauteed with spices

Gobi Masala $13.00 GF V
Cauliflower sauteed with spices in a light sauce

Cholle $11.00 GF GF
Chick peas sauteed with spices & tomatoes

Bhindi Masala $12.00 GF V
Okra sauteed with onions, tomatoes & light spices

Dal Maharani $11.00 GF V
Creamed lentils with ginger, garlic & onions

Dal Tarka $12.00 GF V
Yellow lentils simmered with ginger, garlic & onions

Rice Specialties

All Biryani dishes are made with saffron pullao, cashews, raisins & a light curry sauce, topped with sliced almonds.

Nentara Biryani $16.00 GF
Fresh vegetables & paneer or tofu

Chicken Biryani $17.00 GF
Boneless pieces of chicken

Lamb Biryani $18.00 GF
Boneless pieces of tender lamb

Shrimp Biryani $20.00 GF
Tender, plump shrimp

Salmon Biryani $20.00 GF
Boneless salmon pieces

Saffron Pullao $4.00 GF V
Basmati rice steamed with spices & saffron threads

Plain Basmati Rice $3.00 GF V

Tandoori Breads

Tandoori Roti $4.00 V
Round, flat, unleavened whole wheat bread

Paratha Lachhedar $5.00
Multi-layered, buttered whole wheat bread

Aloo Paratha $5.00
Paratha stuffed with spiced potatoes

Nan $4.00
Leaf-shaped, leavened white flour bread

Garlic Nan $5.00
Nan topped with garlic & butter

Pishori Nan $5.00
Nan topped with ground cashews & pistachios

Keema Nan $6.00
Nan with spiced lamb

Masala Kulcha $5.00
Nan with ground vegetables, paneer & spices

Onion Kulcha $5.00
Nan stuffed with onion & spices


Chef’s Special Green Chutney $4.00 GF V
Blend of cilantro, mint & onion

Dahi $4.00 GF 
Fresh, homemade yogurt

Cucumber Raita $5.00 GF 
Homemade yogurt with chopped cucumber & tomatoes

Mixed Pickle $3.00 GF V
Punjabi-style blend of mangoes, limes & chilies

Sweet Mango Chutney $3.00 GF V
Blend of mangoes & spices


Rasmalai $7.00 GF
Classic Indian dessert of homemade paneer patties in a sweet milk sauce, garnished with ground pistachios

Gulab Jaman $7.00 
Spheres of deep-fried cake immersed in a sweet syrup

Kheer $6.00 GF
Sweet Basmati rice pudding with raisins & almonds, garnished with ground pistachios

Homemade Ice Cream - 2 Scoops $5.00 GF
Choose from mango, coconut, pistachio, vanilla or chocolate


Soft Drinks $3.00 GF

Mango or Guava Juice $4.00 GF

Mango Lassi $5.00 GF

Perrier $5.00 GF

Tea or Coffee $3.00 GF

Chai (Masala Tea) $4.00 GF
Tea leaves, milk, ginger & green cardamom, boiled with water

Please inform us if you have any food allergies